The Fascinating Truth About Old Tom Gin

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  • opinionated.alchemist.1f0d posted 2 years ago

    The article is good - though a little bit sketchy.
    It is important, why the English went to malted spirit - to neutral spirit: not because, they could not find malted spirit [hello: whisky] - nope - because the patent still was invented in the 1820's and gained popularity throughout the 19 century.
    Further it is also important, why they added sugar: because sugar is quite smoothening alcohol out, which might be unaged or shortly aged, higher proof, and might not be the most neutral and most "chemical pure" ethanol [again - we are looking at pot still distilled spirits].
    The spirit out of the patent still, was cheaper, more neutral and purer and didn't needed the addition of sugar - hence the conversion to London Dry gin was rather smooth and gradient.

    Because of this reason, I would prefer an Old Tom gin, which is rather an early version [malted, sweetened], cause the later ones, weren't different of early London dry's. Unfortunately a lot of producer dismiss this rational.

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