16 Bartenders Pick the Most Underrated Cocktails in Existence

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  • sneakymagiciansbcglobalnet1223 posted 3 months ago

    The trouble is that there appears to be no standard for how to mix each drink. Each cocktail site has a different recipe!

  • hbeanattnet1102012888 posted 7 months ago

    I wish the recipes were posted!

  • davelli0331 posted 7 months ago

    I love making Vespers at home but good luck finding a bartender out in town who knows how to make one, at least here in the US. On the rare occasion I find a bartender who knows the recipe, the bar rarely keeps Lillet on hand. Too bad, it's a great, boozy cocktail and one of mine and my wife's favorites.

  • furioustiki posted 7 months ago

    Nice post. Never heard of the great cocktail historian Jeff Berry being referred to as a "bartender." Lolling the hell out of that. Good one.

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