The Ultimate Bourbon Cocktail You’ve Never Heard Of

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  • jessica.donaldson.63a44c posted 2 years ago

    "There’s some confusion about the drink’s origins, being that it involves two now dearly-departed drinking institutions. Was it created at New York’s Milk & Honey or Chicago’s Violet Hour? "

    Milk & Honey may have closed, but Violet Hour is still going strong and is still, in fact, an award winning bar?

  • lbrandeearthlinknet979304625 posted 2 years ago

    I started with Knob Creek and Wild Turkey. Right now I'm enjoying Jefferson's Presidential Select, Jefferson's Presidential Select 21 yr, Maker's 46, Pappy's 12 yr, Blade and Bow to name a few. I seem to prefer the hints of vanilla in my bourbon. I always look to taste other bourbons.

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