Trendwatch: Barrel-Aged Gin

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  • Tom McLoughlin posted 4 years ago

    Just tried Watershed Bourbon Barrel Gin - think it may only be in OH. Was very tasty.

  • posted 4 years ago

    Aged (and unaged, for that matter) genevers are quite delicious, but they're in a slightly different category than gins, so we didn't consider them for this article. Thanks for the suggestion though!

  • DIck Wilcox posted 4 years ago

    Interesting new products showcased, but what about the "ould-timer": BOOMSMA OUDE GENEVER? I have a couple of friends that count it as, perhaps, their favorite ardent spirit.

  • Lee Wood posted 4 years ago

    Wood's High Mountain Distillery in Colorado also offers a Barrel Rested Gin. Barreled gins give a terrific complexity to gin cocktails, especially, as the article points out, dark cocktails such as a Negroni. It also gives a new twist on traditional whiskey cocktails since the flavor profile imparted from the barrel gives enough of a nod to whiskey to make these work well.

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