You’ll Be Surprised What We Thought of Trader Joe’s Highland Single Malt Scotch

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  • jjlasne.41ef3a1 posted 8 months ago

    Who makes it?!? Any idea?

  • rickyleepotts posted 9 months ago

    Interesting. I am not sure the locations in Arizona sell spirits. They sell beer and wine... But I've never seen spirits inside a Trader Joe's.

  • BILLD posted 9 months ago

    It's a wonder how every (4) other reviews of this dishwater,and and anti freeze mixture could /would get a " not bad " , on this web page.......unless it's your 5th or 6th
    glass of decent single malt scotch first tasted then it may not be too bad...... nah, still not good !

  • Sambo posted 9 months ago

    We made the mistake of getting this for a Scotch lover. We all sampled it and it tastes like bog juice, rotting tobacco, and some unidentifiable industrial cleaner. The aftertaste was that of how burning electronics smells. Sort of phenolic... None of us wanted a second taste. Be advised this stuff was awful.

  • JGrill posted 9 months ago

    Why should I spend $30.00 on that, when I can get get Glenfiddich 12 for the same price?

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