We Tasted Trader Joe’s Kentucky Bourbon to Find Out If It’s Worth It

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  • peggy502 posted 8 months ago

    My husband's friend was given some TJ Bourbon last year. They didn't think it was horrible drinking it as shots, however, when they mixed it with cola, they were stunned at how BAD it was. We live in Bourbon country and have tasted all kinds. They said they had never tasted a bourbon that actually tasted worse when mixed with something. I had a sip and agree it was bad. Beware.

  • enystrom.d1dd9 posted 12 months ago

    The Trader Joe's in Georgia don't sell hard liquor, only wine and beer, so I haven't been able to taste any of their liquor brands.

  • antagonist117yahoocom288309576 posted 12 months ago

    Thanks for the straightforward and honest review! I've been really impressed with this site, and it's helped me on my recent liquor journeys.

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