We Tasted Trader Joe’s Distinqt Tequila to Find Out If You Should Buy It

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  • marknohnergmailcom538812146 posted 10 months ago

    " we’re not just talking about Two-Buck Chuck."
    I think its now called three-Buck Chuck.....

  • thebilles.a9cc89 posted 11 months ago

    How about testing some Kirkland brands from Costco. They have a whole array of liquors and wine to include a 16 year single malt scotch. I'm interested to see how they fare.

  • vcdiva.4d35 posted 11 months ago

    Trader Joes regular Reposado that costs $11.00 a bottle is excellent! While it is no Casa Dores, what you get for the price is way better than what you have described about Trader Joes Distinqt at $22.00 a bottle and suitable only for "mixed" drinks!

  • cindykulaspmiwicom156602722 posted 11 months ago

    Has there ever been a comparison of top shelf tequilas to Costco Anejo? I am always tempted to try it, they claim it has a 93 rating.....

  • plaidninja posted 11 months ago

    Where is the TJ's nearest to NYC that carries this?

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