The Second Life of Bourbon Barrels

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  • Warren Bobrow posted 6 years ago

    I purchased a bottle of the NOBLE Maple Syrup. It's even better than what I imagined. The flavor of the oak used to age Tuthilltown is deeply focused. The char and smoke of the Bourbon is immediately recognizable, cocktails come to mind immediately such as a Maple Sugar Sazerac, (Tuthilltown Manhattan Rye Whiskey, Noble Maple Syrup, a few drops of Bitter End Thai Bitters and a splash of Vya Sweet Vermouth, frost the rim with some maple sugar)

    When I finished the Maple syrup, I filled the bottle with some more Tuthilltown Baby Bourbon. It looks great on my bar!

  • Terry Bovey posted 6 years ago

    Please note that the wooden barrels that are drawing so much attention are made in the good old USA.I might also add that we in the USA can also fill these barrels with damn good whiskey also.Moral of this story,we are proud that we can fill the bill with both the booze and what it comes in.Roll on USA.

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