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  • Justin posted 7 years ago

    What do you think of Johnny Walker Blue Label???

  • Euan posted 7 years ago

    So the Duncan Taylor "Lonach" 42 year old Strathisla Cask strength non chill filtered, non coloured single malt , scoring 92 in the Malt Advocate, winning a number of awards and retailing around $150 is a myth as far as the author is concerned?
    Rest assured those drinkers who consume 30 and 40 year old whiskies know exactly the subtlety of the spirit. It takes years of practice and we all know that practice makes perfect.
    The mantra of Duncan Taylor!

  • Michael posted 7 years ago

    What supports the notion that few casks should be aged more than 18 years? To steer us all away from anything over this age seems to be arbitrary at best. The casks that are aged for 30 years are not selected at random. They are tested frequently by their makers and only the most appropriate are aged for 30 years. Without even tasting them, but simply nosing a 18 or 21 year old single malt versus a 30 year produces profound differences, and a subtleness of flavor that doesn't even compare to their younger cousins. That said, I do think the author has a good point that 18-21 years is definitely the sweet spot on the price to value curve, and you'll get an excellent flavor for $80-$150.

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