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  • Midwest Imbiber posted 5 years ago

    As we speak, I am drinking a clementine negroni -- just a classic negroni to which I have added the (fresh) juice of one clementine and a dash of orange bitters. Perfect! The tastiest cocktail I have had in quite a while, if I do say so myself...

  • Craig Toone posted 5 years ago

    Blood orange works just aswell in a Negroni too, simply substitute in the above recipe and imbibe!

  • Lisa Montalva posted 5 years ago

    I had a gathering last weekend at my home and made these for a group of 20! It was spectacular.

    Lisa aka The Gourmet Mom

  • zenchef posted 5 years ago

    Amazing cocktail! I would love to link to it on Zenspotting. Would that be ok?

  • Jeff posted 5 years ago

    Orange bitter liqueur is always in season! Inspired by a trip to St. George Spirits, The Winter Sun is sure to keep you warm:

  • Joey posted 5 years ago

    Blood oranges and meyer lemons are divine this time of year as are the Kumquats! Blood orange syrup should be in any winter tikiphile's repertoire.

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