The Five Biggest Canadian Whisky Myths

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  • bboyshr posted 1 week ago

    Aren't they allowed to add like 9% of anything and not declare it. Not liking my rye being masked by maple syrup flavouring

  • oknazevad.56b99 posted 1 year ago


    That's why the lower-proof components of the blends exist, to provide flavor while still having the overall blend be light and balanced. How much of those flavoring whiskies are in the blend varies, and better bottles tend to have more. But not all Canadian whisky is distilled to high proof.

  • pvac79.e9db posted 2 years ago

    Canadian whisky makes the best Manhattans.

  • therobertgomez posted 3 years ago

    Canadian whisky is distilled at too high a proof to retain the necessary congeners to keep those complex aromas and flavors. It takes more than barrels and aging although I do applaud the 3 tear aging requirement.

  • H. Joseph Ehrmann posted 3 years ago

    Hmm, nothing about Seagram's shutting down the best selling bourbon in America (Four Roses) so that they could boost their Canadian whiskey?

  • norj11 posted 3 years ago

    I like some if not all the whiskey made in Canada but I drink my whiskey straight some times with some pure water side. id drink rye whiskey a lot could tell me some good rye that comes from Canada, or the us .
    thank you.
    ron johnson

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