The Evolution of American Whiskey

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  • Seth Schreiner posted 6 years ago

    JKO: It may not be the largest bourbon brand, but Maker's Mark is certainly a very big player. It sold more than a million cases last year and production is increasing rapidly. It's actually the third-best-selling bourbon brand in the world.

    Bourbon City: Bourbon is just one type of American whiskey, and not all American whiskies are bourbons. In fact, Jim Beam makes several rye whiskies in addition to its bourbon. We tried to cover a wide variety of US whiskies in this story. And for the record, though most bourbons are made in Kentucky, they do not have to be.

  • JKO posted 6 years ago

    Since when is Maker's Mark one of the "largest brands"?

  • Bourbon City posted 6 years ago

    Get your facts straight buddy. Jim Beam's bourbon just like the rest of BOURBON made in Kentucky. Whiskey's just a wannabe. Tend to your audience. It really is an intriguing article that covers two distilleries on the bourbon trail, yet you still label it whiskey.

  • DC posted 6 years ago

    goddamn, liquor sure is dandy innit?

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