The Bloody Mary

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  • karla.barrette posted 2 years ago

    i am 51 years old and I started bartending when I was 19 years old,the new twists on bloody Mary's is a lil out there,of course when I started bartending there was none of the pre-mix stuff,it was all from scratch,to make a old school bloody mary I was tought this method, pint size glass with ice,add your celery salt,pepper,salt,worchester,tabasco(horse radish if they want it hot),green olive juice,this flavors your ice,next add your vodka,(cause it will blend your spices perfectly together) then add your tomato juice,some people like there drinks shaken, some don't, so I always asked,(me I prefur it shaken cause you blend flavors better)garnish with green olive,pickled asperagus,celery,and wedge of lemon,try it you'll be surprised the different taste of it,verses the bottle mixes,(ENJOY,JUST ME IN WYOMING)

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