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  • Charlie Himmelfarb posted 4 years ago

    I was on a River Cruise from ST Petersburgh to Moscow---first nite on board---the ladies still getting dressed---I went to the bar---only the bar tender and me---I picked up the menu---my usual drink has always been Jack Daniels---priced at 9 Euros--about $12.00----looking further I found Vodka 2 Euros---I said to the bar tender---maybe while in Russia try the Vodka?------after discussion he suggested Russian Standard---made in St Petersburgh where we were docked....I asked what to mix it with---Nada---what to chase it with---"take a piece of herring from dish on bar----I listened and now am a summer Vodka drinker---bought a bottle next day in store in St Petersburgh---paid $24.99....when I got back home---was able to buy same bottle in New Hampshire for $15.99---what can I tell you????? True story

  • Sara B. posted 4 years ago

    You should try Florida Old Reserve Orange Liqueur, Florida Old Reserve Rum, or Black Roberts Rum!!
    They are the best and all under $25

  • Marc Broder posted 4 years ago

    Absinthe is drink,,,

  • scott mclaughlin posted 4 years ago

    famouse grouse scotch has to be in here somewhwere

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