This Is What You Need to Know About Tennessee Whiskey

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  • paokie.52c0646 posted 4 months ago

    I've drank primarily Old No. 7 Black Jack Daniels since the mid 60's, but in a pinch, George Dickel. Didn't like the Green label years ago or now days the Single Barrel or Gentleman Jack which are gathering dust in my cupboard. My only gripe about JD is they advertise they have made it the same way since the beginning. That is BS. How else can you explain the drop in proof over the years of this sour mash.

  • Screecher posted 7 months ago

    Jack Daniels used to bottle two other types of whiskey. They made a 'green label' that was only aged (I think) five years. And they bottled another whiskey called "Lem Motlow" which was supposedly aged for only a year and was a first cousin to moonshine.

  • Stinger62 posted 7 months ago

    If they wanted to be Bourbon then they would make Bourbon.
    You rednecks are all hung up on what shit is called...and then what it REALLY means.

  • khaendigesgmailcom115966304 posted 7 months ago

    "Tennessee Whiskey", a phrase meaning "Bourbon wannabe".

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