Summer Infusions You Can’t Help But Love

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  • briangore1969yahoocom805760457 posted 8 months ago

    bjjnova, While you do believe you know everything, I will say this. When you do infuse liquor you are correct with the shelf life comment, but what you are missing is the flavor. Over time the freshness does start to get a bitter flavor which is from leaving it to long over time. So it is best to use with in the recommended time.

  • posted 2 years ago

    You're right: The mezcal itself will not lose its integrity over this short period, but the flavor of the pineapple will. That's why the authors of Infuse: Water, Spirit, Oil recommend that timeline. Hope you enjoy!

  • bjjnova posted 2 years ago

    Anna: sorry but your being really silly. Mezcal last on shelf for years. You cannot possibly be changing its nature thru a 48 hour infusion to the degree that it will then only last 3 mos. Even if there is an infusion of sugars, it's not going to approach the sugar in say, Grand Marnier or any of the bottled buy at the store infusions. Why do you guys have to just make sh%$ up?

  • richard.melick.2682 posted 2 years ago

    Where can I find that bottle on the left? I would love to get a bunch of them.

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