6 Easy-Drinking American Beers You Should Pack for Your Beach Trip

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  • BillyBee posted 2 years ago

    Whoa! Y'all missed boat with the Port City Brewing Company's brews...special for summer is Derecho Common (great story behind this beer), Downright Pilsner (a seasonal brew), Optimal Wit ( a year round delicious but light wheat concoction). Available mostly in the mid Atlantic region, but well worth the trip (also now available in NYC - onward & upward!)
    PS I admit, I'm the owners Daddy, but I love his beers!

  • riveragaingmailcom183424851 posted 2 years ago

    Just make sure to check the alcohol rules at the beach first. Most public beaches don't allow open alcohol containers (or glass bottles in general).

  • contact.33d83 posted 2 years ago

    You forgot Miller Lite.

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