Spirited Cooking: Popsicles

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  • mike posted 5 years ago

    These all sound great! If there are concerns about freezing if 20% alcohol is reached, it seems like about .5 lb of dry ice would freeze these quickly. Then they could be maintained in the freezer for awhile.

  • Stephanie posted 5 years ago

    Great recipes. Can't wait to try them. Thank you so much!

  • Johnnie posted 5 years ago

    I happen to have 2 of the popcycle devises so I'll be making up a few to store in the freezer for the hot summer months.


  • mj posted 5 years ago

    if you amp them up too much, they won't freeze!

  • Caryn posted 5 years ago

    We make a cocktail with DUET after-dinner sherry (with an essence of hazelnut) and a gingery ginger ale, finished with a squeeze of lemon. I think the updated version will be a popsicle. Can't wait to experiment. Maybe a gingery simple syrup instead of ginger ale. Thanks for sharing the recipe and sparking some new ideas!

  • Charlie Oat posted 5 years ago

    Great stuff, however I would amp those babies up to the full 15- 20 percent alcohol ratio: or 5 to 6 oz. in recipe instead of 3. Especially when we now have all these awesome flavored liquors. I will be trying some of these recipes soon.
    I have been making alcoholic Ice Cream Cupcake Shots for the past 20 years. They are actually more like sherbert shots, since the milk content for the recipe consists of an ounce or so of whipped cream.
    RECIPE; 10 oz. ice into blender, add 8 oz. container cut fruit and or berries( I like the pineapple. melon, canteloupe combo from my local grocer.) Add 1.5oz. of 4 different flavored vodkas so total alcohol content is 6 oz. Squirt in a little reddi whip or fresh whipped cream if a vailable. Blend. When finished add 1 oz plus of pineapple juice, 1 oz. plus of OJ or any other juice; pink grapefruit is nice so they ice mixture is pourable and drinkable... Blend again. Now they can be poured into shot glasses. Drink as they are or put whipped cream on top. I use both reg. and flavored whipped cream. Voila!! Ice Cream Cupcakes.

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