12 Small-Batch Tequilas That Are Worth the Hype

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  • rubensintesgmailcom1313425845 posted 5 months ago

    La Venenosa Raicilla Sierra de Jalisco it´s not a tequila. The raicilla is not a tipe of agave but a plant fron the family of the lily or the onion.

  • wminmexgmailcom36792169 posted 5 months ago

    having lived in Mexico for over 10 years I have found that the majority of Mexicans and people that have many Mexican friends drink their tequila straight with a lime and rock salt on the side or with a Sangrita chaser. very few do a mixed Margarita that is for the "Northerners" who profess to know how to drink tequila. That being said there are many ways to drink tequila and I have found that it is a personal taste. What I like someone else may not. I consider myself a purest and like my tequila straight. Just my opinion. Why ruin a perfectly good tequila by mixing something with it ?
    Wes, State of Jalisco Mexico

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