These Vodkas Are Meant for Sipping Not Chugging

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  • jaymemariemaccom1002521628 posted 7 months ago

    Reyka vodka for the win!! And for the person, who said that vodka is for "alcoholics and teenagers", so is rum, whiskey, gin, etc. It is ALCOHOL. Vodka is versatile and is such a fun way to capture the essence of a season, via infusing. I love infusing vodka with seasonal produce and then mixing it with other interesting components. CHEERS!! PS - Snow Leopard is on my radar, as well.

  • Shelley-Ann Kelley posted 7 months ago

    I have two vodka obsessions. One is Effen (that's Dutch for "smooth"), and the other is Blue Ice Potato Vodka, distilled in Idaho. While Effen is available in my current home state of Montana, I am only able to enjoy Blue Ice when I'm in Idaho. Reyka is sold in Target stores in Washington State. I bought a bottle about a year ago and enjoyed it every much. I will have to see which of the vodkas on this list are sold in my area (Montana, Idaho, Washington) and give them a try. Thanks, Cindy Augustine and

  • dmendelson.ad963 posted 7 months ago

    Smoothest Vodka I ever tasted is Blat from Spain. I hate the name and the package but it is undeniably silky smooth and is certified by the U.S. government to have zero impurities. I look forward to tasting the Vodkas you have listed to compare.

  • rickyleepotts posted 7 months ago

    Good list of vodka... The Hophead sounds amazing and the Reyka is incredible. Some of the others sound delicious, too. Also pretty cool to see Dan Aykroyd's vodka on the list. He travels around signing autographs and promoting the vodka. Cheers!

  • the_email_97f2 posted 7 months ago

    The Crystal Head I had a few years ago was terrible. Very harsh, nasty stuff.

  • mandieschmidt0521.e7185 posted 7 months ago

    Nateflynn, where do you get off saying "Vodka is for alcoholics and teenagers"? I haven't been a teenager for 17 years, and I rarely drink! However, I do enjoy vodka and I do sip it. You don't know what you're talking about!!

  • jdpeters.a47b13 posted 7 months ago

    This list is decent. I would add in ZYR vodka. My current favorite. A buttery mouth feel and slightly sweet.

  • gfulp20 posted 7 months ago

    All good vodkas except the Grey Goose VX, which is awful. If you want a good vodka infused with cognac try Twenty Grand. They did it first and for a hell of a lot less money.

  • nateflynnhotmailcom114804191 posted 7 months ago

    Vodka is for alcoholics and teenagers.

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