Sipping Vodka

Today one of the most popular drinks across the country is one of the simplest: vodka and club soda. The low-calorie highball packs an alcoholic punch but is supposedly hangover free. The one thing it doesn’t offer much of is taste. Until now. Let us introduce you to a new breed of vodkas that are hardly neutral—in fact, they offer enough flavor that even a whiskey fan might consider sipping them neat or with soda. It’s a whole new, clear drinking perspective.

Belvedere IX:

Belvedere’s ultra-premium vodka is ubiquitous. Last year, the brand introduced IX ($40), which comes in a snazzy pink and black bottle designed by graffiti artist Andre Saraiva. What’s inside is even more striking—vodka blended with a mix of ingredients, including ginseng, guarana and black cherry.

Zubrowka Bison Grass:

Never mind the gimmicky blade of grass inside each bottle. The greenery is indigenous to the Polish countryside and gives Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka ($29) a distinct herbaceous quality with a burst of vanilla. Rumor has it that the grass doubles as an aphrodisiac.

Karlsson’s Gold:

You might say Karlsson’s Gold ($40) is a potato flavored vodka. The Swedish spirit is made from seven different varieties of local spuds. Karlsson’s is only distilled and filtered once to keep as much earthy flavor as possible.

Square One Botanical:

Square One has won over drinkers with its organic vodka made from American rye. The brand’s latest venture is Square One Botanical ($35), which blends vodka with a mix of eight aromatics, including lemon verbena, chamomile and coriander. This may just be the dawn of a new botanical spirit category.

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  • LongDong posted 6 years ago

    Pinnacle Whipped vodka= HEAVEN.

  • CW posted 6 years ago

    There's another great brand of neutral spirit infusion you missed, it's called GIN. It's great. These infusions are not vodka, they are something else. Vodka is by definition tasteless, and especially not equitable to whiskey. I mean Christ, son. I hope that felt stupid as you wrote this.

  • Terry B. posted 7 years ago

    Ah,yes,Karlsson's.Really good "stuff".The flavor is just like eating a potato.I really like doing this!!!I just have to remember to peal the potato first!!!Rinds don't go good in your glass!What's the matter with all the other brand's we have access to? Gray Goose is the first that comes to mind.How about Smirnoff,or Wolf Schmidt.Hey,whatever you choose to drink,be safe,and,don't drive drunk,We want all of you coming back,and,reading all these great articles available here.Your neighbor from Tucson,Arizona

  • Carla Skjong posted 7 years ago

    Regarding Karlsson's Gold Vodka - My husband says it has a "smooth potato beginning and a wake-up call at the end." I say who knew potatoes could be so delicious.

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