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  • LongDong posted 5 years ago

    Pinnacle Whipped vodka= HEAVEN.

  • CW posted 5 years ago

    There's another great brand of neutral spirit infusion you missed, it's called GIN. It's great. These infusions are not vodka, they are something else. Vodka is by definition tasteless, and especially not equitable to whiskey. I mean Christ, son. I hope that felt stupid as you wrote this.

  • Terry B. posted 7 years ago

    Ah,yes,Karlsson's.Really good "stuff".The flavor is just like eating a potato.I really like doing this!!!I just have to remember to peal the potato first!!!Rinds don't go good in your glass!What's the matter with all the other brand's we have access to? Gray Goose is the first that comes to mind.How about Smirnoff,or Wolf Schmidt.Hey,whatever you choose to drink,be safe,and,don't drive drunk,We want all of you coming back,and,reading all these great articles available here.Your neighbor from Tucson,Arizona

  • Carla Skjong posted 7 years ago

    Regarding Karlsson's Gold Vodka - My husband says it has a "smooth potato beginning and a wake-up call at the end." I say who knew potatoes could be so delicious.

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