5 Trends: Scotch

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  • frank.murphy.3591267 posted 3 years ago

    I query whether something's been lost in translation from Mr. MacLean's comments regarding higher ABV bottlings. Yes, in Scotland a whisky is as strong as it gets when it goes into cask (as opposed to for example Kentucky), but bottling strength can be anywhere between the legal minimum of 40% and theoretically the upper distillation limit of 94.8%. With Glenfarclas having produced a 40 year old expression bottled at 105 degrees UK proof (60% ABV), it is clear that strength is not the obvious correlation to age that one may expect.

  • Bobby P posted 3 years ago

    Most in the hipster community will never pay for the high price of scotch. In their world PBR is still the "it" thing because it's cheap. Hence leaving them more money to shell out on crappy tattoos, making them even more cool. I think the real shift has been that for years scotch was considered a stuffy old man drink. Now, the new generations are embracing the flavors and all the new bottling techniques. As a whole people want better stuff. Look no further than the craft beer movement to see that most drinkers were getting tired of the Buds and Millers. As time moves on prices typically don't go down, they go up. Scotch will never be "played out." so sip slow and enjoy.

  • Bernhard Schäfer posted 3 years ago

    I coulnd't agree more with Charlie.
    One trend he didn't mention, with the upgoing ABV we will see more un-chillfiltered and uncoloured Whsiky, this is good!

    But expecially the sometime ridiculously augmenting prices is sth consumers should fight against.

  • Joe S posted 3 years ago

    This will all blow over when the hipsters no longer think it's cool do drink scotch. Hopefully it won't be long before it's "played out".

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