Sam Ross Has Some Frank Opinions About Classic Cocktails

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  • prufrock posted 2 years ago

    I need an editor; sorry for the bad copy, folks.

  • prufrock posted 2 years ago

    I can totally relate to this. I am now the old guy, but when I was coming into bartending in the mid-70s I was into the ancient history, the pre-Prohibition, the obscure, the roots of the act and art of making cocktails, but as a skilled and proficient workman. People DRANK back then, so you had to be fast and good to make it as a bartender. You'd get the shit kicked out of you if you were anything like the tweezer-wielding mustache-waxed effetes that have become popular in the last several years. But people also drank the Classics, so I had a good early education. But I always had the hungry curiosity for finding the stories behind things like the Ramos, Sazerac, Martinez et al. Plus I was actually pouring Pousse Cafes for people... weird to think of that now. After ten years of that I started at Friday's and that changed me professionally for the better, actually. Now I own a bar and have been making cocktails successfully for a few years that are going in new directions, and I'm proud that my staff is as well. Plus, we do it well, and fast, just like in the Old Days.

    So, thanks, Sam Ross. It is refreshing to hear my thoughts echoed by a younger guy, albeit a young 'un with a solid history. Listen up, kids. He's talking sense.

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