A Chain Restaurant Cocktail Crawl

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  • baldwync.c72fa6 posted 1 year ago

    Through some creative searching...Matt Merkin.

  • baldwync.c72fa6 posted 1 year ago

    Seriously, who wrote this fantastic piece of work. I would like to buy him/her a "drink."

  • TraciD posted 1 year ago

    Ha! Entertaining and tragic at once. Just another reason why most chain restaurants FREAK
    ME OUT. Thanks for making me laugh out loud at the end of a long day.

  • ckramer.6a12 posted 1 year ago

    Who wrote this? Where is the byline? Great writing - hilarious! And, on top of the great laugh, some decent information on this strangely compelling phenomenon. Thanks so much for an enjoyable read.

  • Frash14 posted 1 year ago

    This article is akin to driving down a highway and seeing an accident up ahead. You try not to look, but secretly you kind of want to and then you do...and to some degree you're left with an image of something that scars you... and you wish you never had bothered to look in the first place. On another note, this article is investigative journalism at its highest form!

  • stephanie.halley.0608e8 posted 1 year ago

    hilarious :) don't tell me i'm the first to comment... that's terrible... wtf...? total non-readers...

  • stephanie.halley.0608e8 posted 1 year ago

    hilarious :)

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