Rainy-Day Cocktails

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  • oran posted 5 years ago

    we had a party this week at betterwebplace.com and had drinks like this the good i like about your site is that we also had children at the party they didtry the drinks but are safe
    brvo toyou

  • Intoxicologist posted 5 years ago

    Looks delicious, keep up the good work. Check out my drinking blog if you ever get the chance

  • Danimal posted 5 years ago

    Was a bit of a rainy day here in Cleveland yesterday, so I whipped up a few mugs of the Damp Pavement for the lady and myself...DAMN!!! That is the best Hot Toddy I have ever had, and one of our new favorite cocktails in general! The spice and the warm are perfect. We make our own pimento dram, so it's super easy. Will make this many, many more times...

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