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  • Chuck posted 5 years ago

    Sorry Javier, but Pisco Porton is the ONLY Pisco sold in the US that uses the Mosto Verde process to enhance the true Acholado blend that it is. In a blind taste test I can guarantee that you would pick Porton 100% of the time versus Capel or ANY other Pisco in the US market. Porton is the the ONLY Ultra Premium Pisco sold in the US! In addition to that Peruvian Piscos don't have to borrow their flavors from wood or steel casks of ANY kind as is required by law. SO, what you actually get is the purest form of Pisco that dates back over 300 years, whereas the Chilean Piscos are not regulated in any way and have only been being made since the 1920s.

  • javier santana posted 5 years ago

    Sorry, but pisco Alto del Carmen is fantastic...it is made 100% muscat grape and have a very nice flavor. With Alto del Carmen we have the excellent Pisco (premium Pisco) with excellent price. Why to pay more for a nice bottle if jus drink the pisco????
    Try to Capel Premium 40° had twice 93 point in NYC last year¡¡¡ It has a very good price too¡¡
    capel is the largest producer of Pisco in Chile and have a very nice products...

  • Dave B posted 5 years ago

    I decided to buy Pisco Porton and make their Porton Punch for a party this past weekend... it lasted a whole 10 minutes, if that. I'm now required to make it each time from here on in. I have to say The spirit itself has an interesting taste but it's best in a cocktail. I'm glad I decided to try something new!
    They now have a new faithful customer!

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