Is Pay to Play Ruining the Bartending World? One Bartender Tries to Find an Answer

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  • Cam Bogue posted 4 weeks ago

    Yo Naren

    If you ever need another opinion about pay to play please reach out. I believe this is not black and white and there is a balance between the two. To think that the Dead Rabbit had to remove brands to be “no longer beholden to (them)” shows the industries lack of knowledge around marketing/printing support.

    Creating partnerships in the on-premise beverage alcohol industry includes three parties. Our Guests, our Business and our Suppliers. They are all equally important in different ways, but decisions should always be made in this order to ensure integrity.

    As bartenders or operators we should select brands that create best the possible drink for our targeted guest. These brands should then fit our business model, or in other words provide the best value for the concepts price point. Once the best product is selecting using these metrics is it time to build partnerships with suppliers.

    Don’t underestimate your value as an either an industry-leading bar, or a high volume bar. You have leverage if brands want to be seen in your establishment. With a little training in negotiation you can maintain your ethos and receive support from the brands you choose to work with.

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