16 Bartenders Pick the Most Overrated Cocktails in Existence

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  • raiderfan08070yahoocom19481656 posted 2 months ago

    People should drink what they like..who cares about trends or what other people think they should drink...people have varying tastes and opions..me myself I always liked premium liquors and German beer...my father who was a very successful man..seemed to favor cheap liquor and black label beer (yuck)...That's what he liked..he would come over my house..he could drink whatever he wanted and he would ALWAYS pick what he liked..Canadian Mist or some cheap vodka..that's what he liked..and my brother is a mixologist...I didn't get it,but he did and respect that...so who is to say if it's over or under rated...

  • lucas23earthlinknet1184384693 posted 2 months ago

    Talking about a drink like a Manhattan or a mojito is like talking about a grilled cheese sandwich- there's American cheese on wonder bread fried in margarine or nice pain au levain with compté- not even the same sandwich (though I know some people like the wonder bread version best). Well prepared with good ingredients, that's what it's all about. I'd prefer a different topic, like ingredients bartenders shouldn't use. OK I'll start, thanks for asking! Cinnamon instead of bitters on a pisco sour, any green or blue liqueur, and of course those day-glow pretend cherries!

  • Manly2017 posted 2 months ago

    If you think you don't like a Manhattan, you just haven't had the right one. My favorite drink is the "Madhattan" from Virgil's At Cimmiyotti's in Pendleton, Oregon. Yes, this manhattan is the most delicious drink ever!

  • USStrongman posted 2 months ago

    Bartenders should be educators, not whiny piss-ants. People like what they like... so why not educate them with a riff on something classic? It is what has allowed the Microbrew industry to flourish over Anheuser, Miller, Coors and the alike. Educating and involving people, not judging them based on your standards.

  • RedTiger posted 2 months ago

    Respectfully, if I ask for an expensive spirit in my cocktail, it is because I don't want your cheap well garbage. While I am happy to entertain a change--for example if you don't carry X and want to use Y.... that is one thing, but don't tell me that there is no difference in taste in my vodka/soda or vodka/tonic when you use cheap spirits. If you believe that, then you are a crappy bartender and don't know what you're doing. THIS, right here, is why people stiff bartenders on tips.

  • clay5477@gmail.com posted 3 months ago

    So, now customers aren't allowed to like what they like? As delicately and respectfully as I can put it, this article reads like Slate hipster trash.

    It's both condescending and arrogant.

    And, for the record, I love Manhattans. And Mojitos.

  • normlavigne.52186 posted 4 months ago

    As a bartender I would have to say how can you call any drink overrated it's all in what you enjoy,not what some pompous know it all says you should like.

  • deanageryahoocom1421129468 posted 4 months ago

    First off it's really sad to read those overinflated ego driven statements from bartenders all over the country. You guys are working! the job of bartender. While it is wonderful that you look at your work as a craft you must remember and fully internalize that you are working in the service industry. That means that you provide a service and people come and pay you for it. The number of people all over this planet who are impressed by being treated with your arrogance and being treated to your judgement and condescending attitude is zero!
    If I order a specific drink you might suggest either a variation or a different type of drink altogether but don't dismiss my order and for sure don't use Tito's instead of Grey Goose. Remind me to never go back to Nix.
    Very disturbing the attitude shining through in most of these opinions and thank you Morgan Schick.
    I go to a bar to relax. If I want attitude I go to the DMV

  • Kevin1962 posted 7 months ago

    Opinions are like bums, yada yada. I think only Morgan Schick has the correct answer.

  • mbrown52.eefe4 posted 7 months ago

    Having been a bartender myself, as well as having hired bartenders when I managed a restaurant, I believe the best comment was that of Morgan Schick: “I don’t believe there’s an overrated drink. I always bristle at those kinds of questions. The right drink is the drink that the guest wants to drink.” I also believe that looking down one's nose at a paying customer (regardless of what one's unwarranted opinion is concerning his/her sophistication) is NOT a good habit to get into (or for those grammatical purist who prefer to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition), in which to get.

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