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  • armando codina posted 7 years ago

    Very educating summary, saved the blog for hopes to read more!

  • Jeff Cavaliere posted 7 years ago

    Helpful write up, saved the site for hopes to see more information!

  • Craig Ballantyne posted 7 years ago

    The great article encouraged me very much! Bookmarked the website, very great liquor categories just about everywhere that I read here! I really like the info, thank you. Cheers!

  • Jill posted 7 years ago

    Great write up, saved the website in hopes to read more!

  • pharmacy technician posted 7 years ago

    What a great resource!

  • Katherine K. posted 7 years ago

    I'm not so certain. I love a special occasion and the pure quality of champagne on it's own. But it does make a delightful mixer and makes a cocktail some how even more festive in a classy way! I say, it is an ingredient worth experimentation.

  • Terry B. posted 7 years ago

    Champagne,at least as far as I'm concerned,SHOULD BE SERVED BY ITSELF!!! If a person wants a snow-cone,then let them go to Tastie Freeze,and get one!!! Why in this world,would anyone want to waste such a great sparkling thing like an expensive bottle of Champagne is???

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