7 Invaluable Tricks from One of the World’s Best Hotel Bars

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  • pouringpro posted 1 year ago

    Robitschek makes all important points. These few will take anyone's mixology to a whole new level. Jiggering, don't ice until you are ready to stir are parmount in the creation of the historic Martinis, Rob Roys and Manhattans, but they rule the today's world of Cocktail Creativity.
    All of my students at #connecticutschoolofbartending.com know the value of jiggering. My rule; "Never sacrifice consistency and accuracy for speed. " A customer will always wait for a great drink. How do we create the best drink (X) that a customer has ever had? Asking questions, pouring accurately, using quality ingredients, and let us not forget "icing rules"( ice when ready to stir is such a key), assures this. But, the best drink , whether it is a simple Jameson and soda or a complex cocktail, that I have ever had, is one that tastes exactly as good as the first one the bartender makes for me. I ask my students, " How long does it take to fix a returned drink for a customer?" The answer, "Forever."

  • Mykel posted 1 year ago

    Is there any way for other bartenders to get a read of their service manual? It sounds very good...

  • Dmbrekken@live.com posted 1 year ago

    How do you make the best margarita without orange flavored liquor.

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