8 New Surprisingly Flavored Vodkas to Try Now

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  • adam.field.16752 posted 2 years ago

    St George's new green chile vodka was sadly kinda disappointing - I've been a huge fan of St George for years, and of the many tasty things they've made, my favorite was their limited-run chipotle vodka - sooooo tasty. When I heard they were making a new chile vodka, I was super excited. I tracked down a bottle a few weeks ago, and... it's not nearly as good. It's not *bad*, really I guess it tastes like what it's supposed to - it's just a lot more green and a lot less chile than their old chipotle one was. Oh well.

    Meanwhile, I haven't had the Square One bergamot, but I will say of vodkas I've had recently, that brand's basil offering is super tasty. (Don't bother with the "botanic", though - it's not a bad spirit, but it's basically just a good gin. I was expecting something exotic, but nope, basically just a good gin. And St George's gin wins.)

    I will have to try that sweet tea one sometime - one of my other favorite vodkas is also a sweet tea, namely Firefly's offering in that same vein.

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