The 6 Most Influential Drink Orders of All Time

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  • bradley.bratten posted 3 years ago

    I thought it was understood that James Bond orders his drink incorrectly BECAUSE he was uncultured and a "blunt instrument" trying to play the part of a sophisticated gentleman. It was his one "tell" to the character he had created to pass in and out of high society where his potential targets most frequented.
    I always loved that about his order, he really knows how to jack up a good martini.
    I would add Groundhog Day's Sweet Vermouth with a twist and a toast to World Peace.
    I'm surprised Ron Burgundy's Scotch, Scotch, Scotch didn't beat out Ron Swanson but I'll take Scotch anyway I can.
    As a final note I thought I ask; who's the Hipster on staff that remembered the line from Blue Velvet?

  • Samantha Pekar posted 3 years ago

    While I do acknowledge that I am familiar with the connection between drink & famous movie line, I have never felt obliged to try any of them.

    I have my standard preferences and see no reason to experiment. Did enough of that in College to last me a lifetime.

    FYI: I'm 66 years young.

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