The 13 Most Influential Craft Cocktail Bars in the USA

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The Dead Rabbit in New York has one of the most ambitious cocktail menus around.
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  • jessica.donaldson.63a44c posted 2 years ago

    Seconding... basically everyone that this list is so heavily NYC centric it's ridiculous. I get it, NYC has a great bar scene. But SEVEN bars out of NYC and only one entry from SF, Chicago, or L.A.? Nothing from Boston, New Orleans, Seattle, or Atlanta? Just to name a few? Okay, so what we're really talking is a few New Yorkers writing about their own city with a big name from out of town thrown in every so often to appease the rest of the country. I question just how much the writer actually knows about the bar scene outside of her own city.

  • fernando.g.frade posted 2 years ago

    Here in the US people don"t need to be told where to drink, where to eat, where to travel, where, where, where...
    It is about time we decide what is good or bad for us.


  • Barchef posted 2 years ago

    Love the Flatiron!! We was there a few years back! Please check out my bar on FB the name is The Arendell Room! We love the art of the cocktail! Thanks

  • seanwcrawford posted 2 years ago

    No Bourbon and Branch in SF?

  • Steve Asis posted 2 years ago

    Step out and broaden your horizons....
    Try 320 MAIN in Seal Beach, CA...

  • carl.hannah.96 posted 2 years ago

    C. Hannah, I like your opinions.

  • hmcnally posted 3 years ago

    Journalism 101: who, what, when, _where_, why, how.

  • C.Hannah posted 3 years ago

    mgth you're right about a biased list and New York centric. I, of course, love all the bars mentioned and know bartenders and/or owners of each bar in the above...but you're right about Boston not being included. I've known Brother Cleave for years but have only met him personally this year and he was involved and teaching in Boston his passion before every single bar in the above. Drink and Eastern Standard(Hawthorne) go above Numbers one and two, making this list a proper 15 instead of 13.
    Working 11 years at my bar and watching what has happened the past 9 years in our country I often see lists. Sure, I love being included in lists (French 75 Bar), it makes me feel like my effort is worth it and inspires me to keep going...but there are so many good bars now and have been for a decade so it's kind of ridiculous to keep listing and such. Tangent: if you follow English Premiere Soccer/Football you'll hear fans vent on the "media darlings" from London who get all the exposure because they're in London and said clubs get talked about just because they're there even if they're crap. Well, same should be said for New York bars...New York is the media darling and, well, such bars are always going to make the list. I'm not saying they shouldn't be on the list...I'm just suggesting the topic should have been the "13 bars in each city that have changed the way you drink in each city" For instance, New Orleans: Sazerac Bar, French 75 Bar, Swizzle Stick, Cure, Bellocq, Cane and Table, Sylvain, Bar Tonique, 12 Mile Limit, Tujagues (Paul Gustings), Kingfish(McMillian), 3 Muses(Kim Patton Bragg), Delachaise. And that's just 13 and so even "this" screws over a couple bars, like say, SoBu, Franklin, Bootys, 21st Amendment, Carousel Bar, Napoleon House, etc.
    Anyway, just agreeing...but what can be done?

  • mgth666 posted 3 years ago

    Almost as biased as Drink Intl's list. Their list was pretty much London hotel bars and New York places. This list is pretty much New York centric (like all such lists: "Smuggler's aside, let's pretend SF never happened. Nope, no Alembic, no Comstock, no Absinthe, no Trick Dog, no Tommy's, no Bar Agricole, etc."). Also, at this point I'm surprised not to see Boston get even one mention on any list (Drink, Eastern Standard, Hawthorn, Back Bar, Brick and Mortar,...).

  • tudza.bdf7 posted 3 years ago

    So each of these bars is where exactly?

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