The Right Way to Drink Vodka in Moscow

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  • rwkdrk12 posted 8 months ago

    When I was working in Eastern Russia the only way to drink Vodka was straight shots. It was ice cold and some of the Russian Vodka was fantastic. The Peppered Vodka was hard to get used to as it was really peppery and brown from the pepper. Many the night we helped each other home but no hangovers in the morning. Wish I still had some of that great Vodka I had there.

  • planxan2aolcom659270434 posted 8 months ago

    This article is designed to appeal to westerners rather than being factual. Vodka cocktails are for young girls in Russia. Guys don't drink this. They drink it straight, ice cold and gulped down a shot at a time. There's no romance or story in that, but that's the reality.

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