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  • catherine posted 7 years ago

    to find ilegal mezcal outside of Antigua Guatemala, visit their website -- you can now get it on both coasts of the united snakes!

  • Tony G posted 7 years ago

    Where can we purchase Ilegal in the US? I visited the cafe that it's run out of in La Antigua, Guatemala called Cafe No Se and have been missing it ever since. I heard that it's been certified to sell in Texas, but don't know where/how I can buy it.

  • Terry B. posted 7 years ago

    Mezcal,Ah yeah,now we're talkin bout a tequila.Funny this article appears on Sunday,when I check my e-mails!Goodstuff,but,please drink this good stuff straight.Not time for any added goodies will due.Just like home (Arizona) where we all drink Mezcal.Try putting a little salt on your index finger,lick it off,then throw down the Mezcal.Is there anything better than this?Well,time to call it a day.Enjoy ya'll.

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