Meet the Swedish Bartender Who Looks Exactly Like Leonardo DiCaprio

Image: Instagram

Remember the golden days of Leonardo DiCaprio? The days when life-sized Titanic posters covered the walls of dorm rooms around the world?

That magical era is back. Sort of. Thanks to Instagram, rabid Leo fans have discovered the actor’s long-lost doppelganger—in a bar.

Meet Konrad Annerud, the 21-year-old Swedish bartender who could easily pass for Leo during his early heartthrob days. Annerud frequently posts photos of himself in DiCaprio-esque setups on his Instagram profile, and his amazing likeness has helped him reach nearly 200,000 followers in the past few days.

What’s next for the cocktail-slinging Leo look-alike? Perhaps he and the superstar should meet up for a drink in Annerud’s bar. Leo’s buying, obviously.

Take a closer look at Leo’s bartending twin and just try to tell the difference between them.

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