Ever Make Your Own Bitters? You Should

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You’re only a few freaky roots and some hardware away from making your first batch of bitters.
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  • steve.brisendine@live.com posted 2 months ago

    Oops. I meant vodka and rye base.

  • steve.brisendine@live.com posted 2 months ago

    I followed the process (okay, so I ovesteeped a bit) and came up with a decent batch of marigold bitters on my first try (fresh and dried flowers, dried leaves and stems, along with cinnamon, juniper berries, star anise and cardamom). Used a water and rye base. Next year, dandelion bitters, I think.

  • planxan2aolcom659270434 posted 2 months ago

    Sorry to inform you, but this is not how you make bitters. At least not the sort of bitters you would purchase commercially. What you have described is how to make Nastoyka, which is not very strongly flavored and lacks the potency necessary for a true cocktail bitter. If you want something more on target, look at the "complexing agents" in a book called Cocktails of the South Pacific, which seems to still be in print.

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