Look Inside the World’s Most Iconic Tiki Bar

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  • geezerroy.93f4c11 posted 6 months ago

    What about "Don the Beachcomber" in Huntington Beach, CA. It claims to "use" the "original" recipes. It's drinks are very good and the atmosphere is very classic tiki era.

  • marknohnergmailcom538812146 posted 6 months ago

    Dons Tiki still rules the roost....

  • jimnterfoxhotmailcom438867971 posted 6 months ago

    Re: only the Mai-Kai carried the torch and allowed us to taste the masterpieces Donn invented in 1933.”
    I think they overlooked Tiki-Ti in Hollywood that was opened in 1961 by Ray Buhen who had been a bartender at the original Don the Beachcomber in Hollywood, California. It is still run by Ray's son and grandson using the original Don the Beachcomber drink recipes.

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