Lowland Whiskies: The Gentler Side of Scotch

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  • dhairecpa posted 1 year ago

    I noticed the locals drinking Glenkinchie in a pub while visiting the lowlands, tried it and loved it!

  • Mark Millan posted 7 years ago

    I happened across this article shortly after it was published; after favoring the Highlands (Macallan, Highland Park, Glenmorangie) for years, it provided the impetus for me to try Auchentoshan which was instantly one of my three favorites. Glenkinchie might be creeping up there, too. Many thanks for the recommendation!

  • Terry B. posted 7 years ago

    Lowland of Whisky. Ah,yes,couldn't have said it better. THIS IS GOOD STUFF. Yeah,does it get any better than this? Just keep enjoying this booze. BUT,BE SAFE WHEN YOU ARE OUT AND DRINKING MY FRIEND'S.

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