Learning to Love Calvados

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  • bikercraig79 posted 5 years ago

    calvados is excellent!a fellow employee brought a bottle in one sat at a dismal job i had.i had never had any before.we took turns with the bottle all day.turned a depressing day into a good one!

  • sarah @ two tarts posted 5 years ago

    My current favorite drink with Calvados is a Hot Toddy. The apple brandy with the steamy honey & lemon is a great combo. http://www.two-tarts.com/2011/11/hot-toddy-with-calvados.html

  • Michelle posted 5 years ago

    I muddle demerara sugar with some limes, cucumber and basil, add some Hendricks, Calvados and top it with soda. Summer salad in a glass. I will have to wait few months for summer, but the cocktail....

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