Last-Minute Love Potions

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  • Terry Bovey posted 6 years ago

    Love potions?! Wow times are changing!!Haven't been to one of my favorite sites for quite awhile now.Did you all miss me?!Valentine's Day is what? A time to what? Maybe I'm missing something here?! I don't get it?! My girlfriend will drink with me anytime!!!Anyway,you all be safe,and don't indulge beyond your limits.TRB

  • Statii Radio posted 6 years ago

    They both sound amazingly good, even if I didn’t find out about your love potions on time. But I guess I can prepare them any time, right? Thanks for the “recipe”.

  • Brent Evans posted 6 years ago

    You might also try the Cupid's Revenge Cocktail. Yummy...

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