8 Bartenders Reinvent the Irish Coffee

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Cut Clasp (or Nail in the Coffee) by Silas Axtell at Boston’s Townsman
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  • naethyn99hotmailcom1224052749 posted 1 year ago

    I keep hoping for a decent article...

  • pouringpro posted 1 year ago

    "Hey Bartender I want a Jack and Coke, but use Captain Morgan.!"
    Bartender, "Why don't you just order a Captain and Coke?!"
    " Cause I like the sound of Jack!"
    Stop Hijacking the name of a great drink even if it is just to grab a headline and get reads. . All of the cited drinks are great recipes and most of their creators don't even call them Irish Coffees.
    It is the author who has disrespected this wonderful drink and its creator/s by casually throwing the words out there to grab our attention..
    Cheers to all you mixologists for your cocktail creations.
    Here's a Coffee Creation that is a favorite of all of us at #connecticutschoolofbartending
    "The Hot Shot"
    1 1/2 oz. of hot strong coffee
    1 1/2 oz. of refrigerator chilled Baileys, Kahlua and Tullamore D.E.W.
    Add liquor mixture to coffee and drink in three steps.
    1. sip the hot liquor sweetened coffee
    2. sip a good bit more(it will be a bit cooler)
    3. Offer a toast and knock back the rest

  • lauraharrisonmcbride.b79c0 posted 1 year ago

    I agree with fido and tredican: Not a single one of these is an Irish coffee. You might as calls the Hope Diamond by the name Fred for all the sense this ridiculous attempt to claim Irish ethnicity by using other culture's libations makes.

  • andy.simmons.bb2a posted 1 year ago

    1.5 *cups* of vanilla Irish cream in the Unlikely Union? That's a biiiig drink.

  • tredicanyahoocom1272584225 posted 1 year ago

    I gotta agree with Fido. You can't sub Scotch for the Irish whiskey and call it an Irish coffee.

  • fido1949 posted 1 year ago

    Irish coffee using Scotch whiskey? Heathen!

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