Ingredient Hunter: Regional Spirits

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  • Gogo posted 5 years ago

    Corsair,, just won best Artisan whiskey at the American Distilling Institute.

  • UIBallNMe posted 5 years ago

    You forgot about Malört! Te smoothest best tasting liquor ever!

  • Mac posted 5 years ago

    How about "Rebel Yell" Whiskey? "Made in, and exclusively for the South". Not sold above the Mason Dixon line.

  • kelly posted 5 years ago

    What about Old New Orleans Rum made from Louisiana sugarcane? Made & distilled right here in town!

  • Elizabeth Warnock posted 5 years ago

    Check out 13th Colony for a regional distillery.

  • Mike Sherwood posted 5 years ago

    And of course, Sub Rosa Spirits Tarragon and Saffron vodkas. Available in Oregon, Washington State, California and New Mexico.

  • Arthur Kaye posted 5 years ago

    Why not an excellent white dog from the Finger Lakes region of NY State, Glen Thunder?

  • Stephanie posted 5 years ago

    I very much enjoy Thomas Tew rum, which is available in limited amounts in Rhode Island, and represents a revival of the rum distilling that was common there 200 years ago.

  • Bryan posted 5 years ago

    What about the Texas-made bourbons and other whiskies?

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