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  • Sahara58 posted 10 months ago

    I need to get 3 half-gallon bottles of HW 60prf Peppermint Schnapps to Mykonos, Greece, from SC, (or somewhere? lol) USA. Is there a special customs fee or better idea on how to accomplish my mission?

  • posted 1 year ago

    looking for difference types of sin gel malt scotch

  • orionasante posted 3 years ago

    How about Pisang Ambon? It doesn't have a US distributor and won't be available in the US by the end of the year, or anytime after that it seems.

  • Choey posted 4 years ago

    You can get Ron Zacapa XO at 89.99 for 1.5L.

  • Samantha posted 4 years ago

    She clearly said that you CAN bring back that much, don't know what you're talking about Robert. Please read peoples comments in full before speaking your mind.

  • Robert posted 4 years ago

    What I want is Ron Zacapa XO. Drank it almost every night in Columbia and bought some in the duty free store coming back. I'm almost out and want more! Stuff is awesome - may be going back in a few weeks and I'll need to bring back several litters more.

  • Robert posted 4 years ago

    Not true. I visited Columbia and brought back 3L of different Rums in June and 3L of Irish whisky's when I returned from Dublin last week. Never had a problem. I just told the customs agent what I was bringing back and wasn't even charged any added tax. In fact, the lady at the Duty Free store in Dublin made a comment to not worry about it.

  • Ernest posted 4 years ago

    Bermuda Gold Loquat Liquer

  • jaycee posted 4 years ago

    A few important notes:

    You /can/ bring back more than the 2L limit into the US; but duty free stores will /not/ sell you more than your duty free limit (for what I hope are obvious reasons). If you're shopping abroad (like, buying ridiculously good wine for cheap in the French countryside); you can lug back as much as you like - just declare it. Most likely, the customs official will wave you past; at worst, you'll owe a few bucks in duty.

    Another hard-to-find is Ireland's Green Spot. Be on the lookout if you pass through Dublin or UK airports.

  • Dave posted 4 years ago

    Anyone know where/how to purchase Smirnoff Black label vodka in 1 litre bottles for the US? Foreign suppliers seem to be very few.

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