In Defense of Hot Buttered Rum

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  • posted 4 years ago

    The recipe yields a lot, but you're not meant to use it all at once! It'll keep for months in the freezer—just scoop out a tablespoon anytime you have a hankering for Hot Buttered Rum. And you can definitely halve or quarter the batter recipe if you'd like.

  • Michael Wilson posted 4 years ago

    Good Lord! Looks amazing but that batter recipe yields what, 4 pounds(ish)? There's no way I could get that to last long enough that it would be consumed. Even 1/4ed might be a bit much.

  • Skip posted 4 years ago

    I made this last night and while it is quite tasty, it does not look anything like the picture. That picture looks like a common Hot Buttered Rum recipe that does not include ice cream. Just keep that in mind when you are making it. That being said, it really is delicious!

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