In Defense of Blender Cocktails

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  • Shawn Vergara posted 7 years ago

    We've been doing blended Pina Colads, Margarit's and other drinks, since we opened in San Francisco, on July 23, 2009. People come in specifically because we have them. It's our niche market since many other places do not. I've always loved the idea of doing blended drinks. It's like a vacation in a glass.


  • UtahMixologist posted 7 years ago

    Great post, but you didn't mention one of the real advantages of blended drinks: slowing down your rate of intake. I love Margaritas, and I almost always blend them. They just go down too easy (and too fast) if I don't. There's nothing quite like a dose of brain-freeze to slow down your drinking.

    The "PAINKILLER PIÑA COLADA" sounds yummy, I'll have to give it a try.

    -The Utah Mixologist

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