In Defense of Blended Scotch

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  • scott mclaughlin posted 4 years ago

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  • bill marsano posted 4 years ago

    Charles is right; only foolish snobbery exalts a single simply because it IS single and disdain a blend merely because it ISN'T a single. Michael Jackson's "The Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch" (5th edition) gives numerical ratings (on a 100-point scale) to many hundreds of expressions of malt. Now whatever you think of numerical ratings, Jackson's have the advantage of representing one man's consistent taste over many years. And what he found was that more than half the bottlings he rated did not rise above the 70s (and a dozen or so languished in the 60s). Included in the doldrums were very old malts and very old vintage malts. Fewer than half that he rated reached the 80s or 90s. The single malt is a soloist; the blend is a chorus; the vatted malt a string quartet. Would you hear only soloists and ignore the "Hallelujah" Chorus and Beethoven's Fifth? Taste around and find out what makes music for you. And bear in mind that there's high and low in people, too: every single one of us is a blend.←

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