Why Your Next Barware Purchase Should Absolutely Be an iSi Whipper

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  • dudestein1958 posted 2 years ago

    So crazy! I just bought one off Ebay for 10$ and all I wanted was fresh Whipped cream. I got it yesterday. I ordered a box of 24 N2O cartridges for 14$. Made the best whipped cream for dessert!

    Now this! Very cool!

  • rexbarneryahoocom271355929 posted 2 years ago

    Guys you want the whipper. Not the soda siphon. Make sure you actually go with ISI also. Don't go generic. Buy a timer as well. It's important and seconds count when infusing with pressure.

  • robmaier01.a3c5ee2 posted 2 years ago

    I'm confused about the hardware, the photo is an isi soda siphon, not the cream whip. I'm guessing the process is the same for both machines? I understand the chargers (NO2 and CO2) are interchangeable (fit either device) but have different results, as CO2 dissolves in water and NO2 does not.

  • sean.paul.rapoza.37d24e posted 2 years ago

    That's an isi soda siphon in the pictures. Not a whipper. Which one are you recommending? I like to have both behind my bar.

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