How to Make the Ultimate Daiquiri

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  • alxxngh.6201 posted 9 months ago

    I recently ordered a daiquiri at a well known steakhouse that had a bar. My wife ordered a strawberry & I ordered mine plain. The waitress suggested "lime", so inasmuch as that sounded reasonable, I agreed. We were brought frozen daiquiris, which neither of us wanted. When I mentioned to the waitress, that we wanted them "on the rocks," she couldn't imagine such a thing. It would be too sweet, she warned us. Apparently, they've never made one that wasn't frozen or blended. We reordered an Amaretto sour for my wife & I had a Manhattan on the rocks. The sour tasted as if it were Amaretto free & mind tasted like it had soap in it. This was in a foreign country. The vegetables were somewhat better (edible) but the steaks were very good.

  • dildozer73gmailcom148988855 posted 9 months ago

    Tiger you're lucky. I live thousands of miles from the nearest fresh lime :(

  • LiquorHunt posted 2 years ago

    I've never been a daiquiri kind of guy but this sounds a little refreshing.

  • cre8ov.f769 posted 2 years ago

    Using agave syrup in place of the sugar syrup really plays well with the tequila which of course is made from agave.

  • tigerleahusbcglobalnet25708475 posted 2 years ago

    The main problem of balancing flavors for me, has never been the rum. I grew up in Frederiksted and Cruzan Rum has never let me down. The problem is the lime. Now we always had a Key Lime tree in our yard and never had to resort to purchasing those big green ones you see in the produce section. We could pick the limes when they became yellow on the tree and still green on the inside. At this point they have zero bitterness and can be eaten raw! To me, Daiquiris just don't taste right using store bought limes.

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