Make/Do: 3 Inspiring Ways to Make the Quintessential Tiki Syrup Orgeat

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  • christhomasbusinessyahoocom213 posted 1 year ago

    Just made my first batch and it's a beautiful thing. Tastes great and looks great. I was curious about something. Since Brandy or Vodka are simply there primarily to act as a preservative, would a light rum (Flor De Cana, Cruzan) or Jamaican work as the preservative? Mostly curious if there's a particular reason it's typically Brandy or Vodka. Thanks!

  • haveastrongday.8a60 posted 1 year ago

    Just made the almond version. I'd definitely up the water by at least 1/4 cup to be able to yield more of a final product. I barely got a cup after squeezing the hell out of the mixture by hand (with the cheesecloth) and after adding the orange flower water and brandy. And I'm sure I lost some of the final product by having to start and stop the squeezing a few times and having to rinse my hands each time. And it's a bit cumbersome at first while the mixture is so oily and syrupy. I was squeezing so hard with the first cheesecloth that I had a blowout, though there was a strainer between the cloth and the bowl to keep the almonds themselves from falling into the final product.

    @pambraun, you should be able to get it at any reputable liquor store. It's definitely at BevMo if you have that store in your area.

  • posted 2 years ago

    What is orange flower water and where do you buy it / or how do you make it?

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